Urom Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Juicer

Urom Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Juicer

I have just received the order for my new Veto V-3000 Juicer and am looking forward to the results I will achieve with what is currently the lowest price masticating juicer on the market.

I will over the next few months keep a record of how this machine is performing, the quality of the unit, customer service from the company and many other elements to see if this unit can perform as good or better than some of the more expensive juicers.

I have an investment for the Enpee Slow masticating juicer and also have a good friend of mine who has the Omega Vertu which is at the higher end of the spectrum.

This is a sales free zone and I have no intentions of misleading anyone into purchasing something I do not love or believe in.  As you can Imagine, my investment of £150 is truly minute compared to the £300 and above budgets so at times my excitement may take over making me sound like a cheesy sales man.

I want to provide a fair trial on these 3 machines in particular, considering the technical specifications of each one which seem to be on par with one and other, the price range is broad.

So will a £150 juicing unit change the entire juicing industry? Or an ill gotten attempt to reproduce a quality item at much less using inferior parts.

Only time will, for now here is a photo of the unit, I will not be doing a review just yet and I dislike unboxing videos as I find them slightly strange :)


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